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2023 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Editor-in-Chief of The Mustang Moon, Photography and Sports Section Editor of the 2021-2022 Yearbook, Mount Vernon High Schools Top 5 Christmas Wishlist Items, The Student News Site of Mount Vernon High School, Your email address will not be published. Thematic relevance is key here, but if you're willing . This is by no means an official ranking - just some of the more interesting ones I read about. The Oak Ridge OZONE gets crazy in their REd, White and Blue on Friday. We also have the best prices and service so you can stay under budget without a hassle. Have the whole section of kids bring baby powder and throw it up right before the game. It'll be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Be respectful of other teams, fans and officials. That started my senior year after 3 years of pitiful attendance. Nearly everyone in her family is a teacher. Expand what's possible for every student. Growl Crowd: Our favorite theme we hosted was Tropical. Theres bound to be something that appeals to every viewer, from time-honored programs to the most popular programs airing now. For example, field hockey has to try wrestling and the wrestling team has to play field hockey. Customize and create your own teaching resources and display materials. Such a classic and fun student section theme idea. We hear you! The more, the merrier! Answer to 9.4 (class average: reading student records from a csv file) use the csv module to read the grades.csv file from the previous exercise. Superheroes Bring this theme to your high school and create a party atmosphere inside the stands by decorating the student section as a tailgate. Fans once made a giant poster of an . ), but theyre formidable just the same. 8. Here are X themes to try at your next high school football game. Blue Out- All students wear blue to show their support for the team 2.Whiteout Crazy Socks - Put your own spin on the formal attire theme with crazy socks! USA Cheer is officially recognized by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee! 7. Crazy socks Socks are a great way to show your personality and style, so why not go crazy with them? 8. In the end, it all comes down to the students wearing the themes and MVHS always shows up with an excited crowd. 1/25- Red Sea (students not wearing red will not be permitted in the student section) Indeed recently has been . (Everything To Know)]. The start of a new Basketball Season is the perfect time to show your school spirit. 2. All you need to do is dress in all black clothing for this one! With this theme, everyone wears a shirt with a white lie about themselves on it. 3. 8. A student section is all about school pride. There's no need for a happily ever after with a student section that celebrates all things fairytale. Are you looking for meaningful Black History Month activities for kids? Your Complete Guide. [RELATED: Do Freshmen Go To Homecoming? If youre looking for some inspiration for your student section this year, here are 10 themes to get you excited for the season: 1. Zakra. Crazy Hair Let your hair down (literally) for a student section that's both fun and festive. The venue will depend on the type of event you choose. 2. Make a reference to this current point in time, by calling out the year, referencing a sign of the times like sustainability or social media, or by using a current song lyric or movie quote. Nautical - All hands on deck! We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. It's like a zoo.". Black out Ahoy, me hearties! You'll get everyone to participate - no one will want to be mistaken for another grade. By assigning cool group names to your groups of students, you're getting the year off to a good start! 29. Black out, white out, we had a "part the Red Sea" game where one kid dressed as Moses and the rest wore red, when we played the private school by us every wore school uniform type apparel. Wacky Tacky Day Villains - Show your dark side with a student section inspired by your favorite villains. With all the potential at their fingertips, it helps to find some inspiration to guide the creative process. By the way, how funny is that student section sign? All the students are asked to do is show up and dress for the themes listed below: 12/20- Ugly Sweaters. Introduction Since their first season in 1974, the Wake Forest womens Basketball team has been one of the most, Read More Wake Forest Womens Basketball: A Program on the RiseContinue, ContentsThe History of the Jordan basketball TeamThe Making of a DynastyThe Jordan Basketball team A Dynasty in the MakingThe Legacy of the Jordan basketball TeamThe Future of the Jordan Basketball TeamThe Impact of the Jordan Basketball TeamThe Jordan Basketball team A Dynasty in the MakingThe Jordan basketball team A Dynasty in the MakingThe Jordan Basketball, Read More The Jordan Basketball Team: A Dynasty in the MakingContinue, Contents ACC Standings Big Ten Standings Big East Standings SEC Standings PAC-12 Standings Big 12 Standings NCAA Standings National Standings Conference StandingsTeam Standings The first week of the NEC Basketball season is in the books and heres a look at how the teams stand. This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Theme games were big at my high school. Spirit day Students dress up in their schools colors and wear Face Paint or temporary tattoos with the schools logo or mascot. Come out of the woodwork and show off your school spirit by creating a student section that is completely decked out in camouflage. Spirit Week- Students dress up each day of the week in a different school color or theme Transform your student section into a veritable candyland with sweet treats and colorful decorations. Additionally, a spirited student section can also help increase school pride and unity among students, staff, and faculty. We had cheers that were call and response but were unique to our school. We always had so much fun getting a group together, dressing up, and cheering as loud as we could. 20 Cool Ideas for Yearbook Themes. Show your school spirit by doing your hair up in the craziest way possible. It started after I graduated so I don't really know what goes on. Before, when Gene Keady was the top dog, they called themselves the Gene Pool. One of the best ways to show your school spirit at a basketball game is by sitting in the student section. Should you go for sloths for second grade? ACC Standings The first week of conference play is in the, Read More Nec Basketball Standings: Week OneContinue, ContentsNBA Prizm Hanger The Must Have for Basketball FansWhy the NBA Prizm Hanger is a must have for Basketball FansThe many benefits of the NBA Prizm HangerHow the NBA Prizm Hanger can help improve your gameThe NBA Prizm Hanger A must have for any Basketball FanThe NBA Prizm Hanger The perfect way, Read More NBA Prizm Hanger The Must Have for Basketball FansContinue, ContentsHefty basketball players Who are they and why do they need heavy basketballs?The Benefits of Using Heavy Basketballs for Hefty PlayersHow Heavy Basketballs Improve Shooting for Hefty PlayersThe Drawbacks of Using Heavy Basketballs for Hefty PlayersHow to Use Heavy Basketballs to Your Advantage as a Hefty PlayerThe Best Basketballs for Hefty PlayersThe Worst Basketballs for, Read More Hefty Basketball Players Need Heavy BasketballsContinue, ContentsWhy the NBA Youngboy is DoomedHow the NBA Youngboy is DoomedThe NBA Youngboys DemiseThe NBA Youngboys DownfallThe NBA Youngboys EndWhat Led to the NBA Youngboys DemiseThe NBA Youngboys Fatal FlawThe NBA Youngboys undoingThe NBA Youngboys downfall10)The NBA Youngboys end Its no secret that the NBA Youngboy brand has been on the decline in recent years, Read More Doomed: NBA Youngboy and the Halal Catering IndustryContinue, The Benefits of a School Spirit-Filled Student Section, The Best Times to Show Your School Spirit, How to Show Your School Spirit on Game Day, The Dos and Donts of Showing School Spirit, Wake Forest Womens Basketball: A Program on the Rise, The Jordan Basketball Team: A Dynasty in the Making, NBA Prizm Hanger The Must Have for Basketball Fans, Hefty Basketball Players Need Heavy Basketballs, Doomed: NBA Youngboy and the Halal Catering Industry. Curriculum-aligned resources to engage and inspire your class. Pajama Jam. This is a great way to save money and still stay hydrated during the game. While elementary schools tend to absolutely knock dividers out of the park with adorable, student-generated artwork, older students can struggle to generate ideas that straddle the line between bland and sappy. We hope this has given you some ideas for ways to show your support for your team during the season. || Copyright 2022 K12Loop. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on. Another popular idea for a student section outfit is to wear Hawaiian shirts and leis. 15. Wear your craziest socks to the game to show off your school spirit (and have some fun too). 10) Mascot Madness Have students come dressed as your schools mascot or other animals for a fun take on traditional game day attire. You can now get a piece of that - starting with a professional website. This is a fun one if you want to get coordinate with friends! Lifetouch is the leader in school yearbooks, and these would all make great themes. Look at it this way: Once youve picked a fun classroom theme, your decision-making is pretty much done. Throwback dcor and antique apparel are great ways to show your support for your favorite teams from the past. Mount Vernon High School students always bring a fiery crowd to every sporting event. Classroom ideas, free printables, and great teacher ideas right here. I think the cheer team goes over some of their like crowd things. Summer may be coming to an end, but Friday night lights are finally here! JanSport Cool Student Backpack for College Students, Teens, with 15-inch Laptop Sleeve, Black - Large Computer Bag Rucksack with 2 Compartments, Ergonomic Straps - Bookbag for Men, Women 4.8 (11,227) Options: 2 sizes JanSport Cool Student Backpack - School, Travel, or Work Bookbag with 15-Inch Laptop Pack, Boho Floral Graphite Grey 4.8 (157) All it took for us was a handful of people to really push attendance even though our football team wasn't the best. Whos there? Mirror Image Night To help you get started, weve put together a list of 10 student section themes that are sure to get you excited for the season: 1. Who doesnt love a good toga night? Divi is one of the most popular, powerful, flexible, and well-supported themes around - and because of that, regardless of your niche, you'll be getting a world-class theme for your website. In your student section, you can brighten up the night with an abundance of neon hues. 10. Wave flags, sing the national anthem, and dress in red, white and blue from head to toe. Credit John Calipari. If there is talk among the school of a better idea, we put it to a vote on Twitter with a poll. Such an easy but fun idea. 1. Peaking In High School: What Does It Mean? Crazy Hair Night This is a great way to show support for your team while also bonding with fellow students. 1. It can also give your students a little something to be excited about in the new year. White out is exactly the same as black out night, but you wear all white! 9. You might not be able to sleep through the game, but you can sure try! The beach theme is another insanely popular idea for a student section. 21 Cool Items All College Students Can Use - Fastweb GoPro gives discounts for college students to get 20% off on all cameras and accessories when they shop with GoPro online. You want to make sure that your themes are creative, but you also dont want to go too over-the-top. Show your school spirit with a student section that celebrates all things pirates. 4. If your team is playing an away game, consider organizing a road trip for the whole student section! HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Crazy hair day Students show their school spirit by dying their hair, wearing wacky wigs, or putting temporary tattoos on their face. 7. Butterflies when pulled together in a group can be called a Flutter, opening up to calling your calls The Firstie Flutter. Neon Party Neon party is a pretty self explanatory student section theme. Sports Battle: Have a battle of the sports where sports players of teams switch places with another team. Between planets, constellations, and spaceships, youll have plenty of material to outfit your entire classroom. Theme Collections 193 Comments Our hand-picked collection of the best education WordPress themes for schools and online course websites. Green Out Go green to show your support for your team. Feel free to add yours in the comments! 1. You could also incorporate glow stick necklaces, headbands, and bracelets. Tailgate Theme Can't get enough of tailgating? Here's how you can remove a Chrome theme: Open Chrome on your computer. on: March 02, 2012, 05:06:16 PM . 10. My name is Tom Maillard and I'm a senior at Marquette and avid fan. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #beststudentsection, #studentsectiontheme, #beststudent, #beststudentsectioninthestate . Bring your best capes, masks, and other heroic gear with you, and be ready for anything. Learn how they can help you make your school yearbook unique this year. 16. Show your school spirit! Student sections are usually close to the court so you can really feel like youre part of the action. For almost every game, a theme is posted on social media telling all the students what to wear. You could go for a regular galaxy theme, or have it be a space cowboy night and have everyone wear cowboy hats. 20. Was it you? Welcome Your Students to the Jungle Kids will ALWAYS be fans of any theme that has to do with animals, and with this one, you have so many to choose from. From sloths to frogs, penguins to owls, we've got you covered with some of the creatures who will turn your classroom walls from cement blocks to a jungle safari, Antarctic adventure, or the land down under! The best times to show your school spirit are at pep rallies, football games, and of course, basketball games! You could dress up in a swimsuit, as a lifeguard, or just wear a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Neon Night Hawaiian. 4. Its that time of year again time to get hyped for basketball season! All rights reserved. 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