August 8, 2022

Choose the Best ECN Forex Brokers — Find According to Your Need

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It is implied that traders need brokers to trade in the forex market effectively. Market makers and ECN brokers are the two different forex brokers from which the traders can choose. However, many people prefer ECN brokers over market makers. It is because, with the ECN brokers, the traders can trade at any hour of the day and will always get the best bid that matches their trading needs.

Who are ECN brokers?

ECN brokers directly connect the small retail forex investors with the large liquidity providers. Therefore, forex traders can connect directly with large institutional liquidity providers. Furthermore, the forex traders promptly execute several trades at the most genuine bid rates. Besides, ECN brokers bridge the link between the traders and liquidity providers. They are not the middlemen, but they are the platform via which two parties get connected. 

How to choose a true ECN broker?

Good forex brokers claim they are ECN brokers; however, their work model resembles market makers. Hence, selecting the ideal ECN broker best suits your requirements is essential. Here are some full-proof ways to choose the best ECN broker that meets the trading needs and requirements. 

Trustworthiness and flexibility

ECN forex brokers offer instant access to liquidity providers. Therefore, the forex traders get constant and direct access to large institutional liquidity providers. Furthermore, the liquidity providers offer instant prices accurately. Typically, ECN brokers account for excellent trustworthiness and flexibility; however, they are expensive. Therefore, before selecting the ECN broker, the traders must research and read the general customer reviews. 

“Limit your size in any position so that fear does not become the prevailing instinct guiding your judgment.” – Joe Vidich

Low spreads

ECN brokers offer low spreads and low costs. As the traders get direct access to the liquidity providers, the traders get rates that are close to the market price. The ECN brokers account for the non-dealing desk; therefore, the traders get access to reduced trading costs and therefore can trade at ideal trading prices. This is the main reason why ECN brokers are called the better option than the market makers. 

Low commission

When looking for the ideal ECN broker, traders need to consider the commission they charge. Typically, the traders must select the broker who offers the low commission rate. If the commission rate is high, the traders will end up paying more; therefore, it will not be economically beneficial. 

Trade execution speed

Generally, the ECN brokers offer excellent trade execution speed compared to the market makers. However, to be on the safe side, traders must check the execution speed of various ECN brokers before finalizing one. This is so because the better the trade execution speed, the better will be the profitability. 

Work model

As mentioned, many forex brokers claim that they are ECN brokers; however, their work model tells a different story. Hence, the traders must have a close look at the work model. A true ECN broker accounts for the ideal work model, meaning they work appropriately.


A regulated ECN broker is the need of the hour, and the trader must do complete research before selecting the one. The traders must closely observe the regulations followed by the broker. Furthermore, the traders must be sure about the authorization as a significant share of his hard-earned money is being invested.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, to conclude, it can be said that ECN brokers are highly beneficial as compared to the other brokers. These brokers account for fast trade execution at low costs. Besides, the traders get direct access to the large liquidity providers with their assistance. These features make them stand out in the crowd. However, it is suggested that the traders must select the ECN broker that best suits their trading needs, style, and pattern. Once the ideal broker is selected, the traders can earn extensive returns and profits.