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Tips to Select A Crypto Brokers Wisely

More and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies because of the enormous returns one can get. While it may seem easy, navigating through the crypto market is not as easy as it sounds like. The first thing to do before you start your crypto trading journey is to have a reliable crypto broker by your side. If you are interested in crypto trading, you need a certified and reliable crypto broker to avoid scams and fraud. Additionally, you need to know about the appropriate security measures taken by the broker before you finalise them. Read More


Crypto Trading Timeframe

How to Select the Right Leverage For Your Crypto Trading Timeframe?

Many traders rely on technical analysis to make profits in the financial markets. However, with so many chart patterns and indicators, it is easy for traders to get lost when coming up with a trading strategy. They don’t understand how important it is to opt for multi-timeframe trading analysis to identify trends and trading opportunities in the crypto market. A common example of this is looking at a single crypto trading timeframe for specific entry and exit points. In addition to this, this particular trading analysis also helps you determine the best trading hours to trade crypto. If you are looking for the best crypto exchange platform to trade crypto. Check out coinmama review by real traders to finalize the best platform.

Meaning Of Multi-Time Frame Analysis

Multi-time frame analysis is the process of viewing the same trading asset under various timeframes. For Example, a swing trader might utilize a daily chart to check the long-term trend and, after that, a 4-hour chart to identify specific entries as well as exit points. The best time frames to identify trends and entry points are based on the trade type as well as the holding period. Generally, traders use ratios such as 1:4 or 1:6, like a 1-hour chart for entry and a 4-hour chart to spot trends. While it is possible in the crypto world to use more than two timeframes, traders might feel certain complexities which minimize your returns.

Crypto Trading Timeframe

But how should traders determine the best hours to trade crypto? Most traders stick to two-time frames when traders start out and perhaps diversify to a maximum of three timeframes whenever needed.

How To Use Multi-Time Frame Trading?

You can find numerous ways to utilize multi-timeframe trading analysis to figure out the best hours for crypto trading. Many traders interested in crypto trading can simultaneously display two charts in separate monitor screens. In this manner, they can instantly look for references in the long-term trends prior to entering or exiting short-term trading positions. This ability to view across multiple time frames is the main reason why professional traders use multiple monitor screens at trading stations.

Many beginners concentrate on a single time frame while overlooking stronger underlying trends when choosing the best hours to trade crypto. There are several software solutions available in the market which can help streamline the multiple time frame analysis trading. For instance, certain technical analysis platforms allow traders to check technical indicators across multiple timelines using one chart. KuCoin is a crypto exchange platform that offers a wide range of features to analyze pricing trends. Learn everything about technical tools and features, read kucoin review & ratings for a better trading experience. Once the traders establish the fundamental trend, they can define the intermediary trends within the desired time frame. 

As a general rule of thumb, in leverage trading, leverage and crypto trading are inversely related with each other. For Example, a scalper with 1-minute charts might select 10X or even more leverage. On the other hand, a swing trader is a bit conservative and restricts the leverage to 2X or a maximum 4X. The inverse relationship between the two is quite common because it brings the best risk-to-reward ratio for both swing traders and scalpers. 

Scalpers Utilize High Leverage: Short Timeframes

Scalpers are the forex traders who mainly trade using 1-minute or 5-minute charts. They could determine entries and exits just by searching for higher volatility in a short time period. By increasing the leverage, scalpers can minimize the gap between the liquidation price and the entry price. Therefore, scalpers are able to enter and exit a particular trade in a quick timeframe so as to minimize the time in a trading position as well as the exposure to such high volatility. 

Swing Traders Utilize Low Leverage: Long Timeframes

Swing traders are attracted to timeframes between 4-hour and 1-day. Such individuals like to trade mid and long-term trends with lower or no leverage. A swing trader with $5000 capital and 2x leverage has the potential to manage a position of $10,000 position. Additionally, a price move of 15% can lead to a profit of $1500, which means 30% profits for the forex trader. Swing traders tend to be in the same position for days and even weeks at a particular time period. Therefore, it’s vital for them to stick to lower leverage so as to prevent unexpected liquidation from ordinary market liquidity. Evolve Markets offer high leverage for those interested in leverage trading. Read evolve markets review in detail to make finalize decisions.

Crypto markets can swing up to 5-10% on a regular basis. Thus, in case you are a swing trader, you don’t want to get trapped in a situation where the liquidation price is within a few percentage extremities of the entry price. Last but not least, leverage trading has some additional funding costs in the form of routine interest rates that could quickly add up.



5 Good Reasons To Work With Forex Brokers

Before we dive into the fact of why you need to with forex brokers, let’s first understand who a forex broker actually is. In simple words, a forex broker is an individual or company That facilitates a trader’s order and helps him make profits in the forex market. Trust is the most crucial factor for budding traders to look for in a forex broker. Therefore, to ensure you attain tremendous success in forex trading, you must work with a trustworthy forex broker who you know would never involve in any scam or trick you throughout the process.

Choosing a forex broker requires time and effort, and you must research well. Research involves browsing all the available forex broker options through some reputable forex review websites where you can compare different forex brokers review. It’s worth mentioning that you need to work with a reliable forex broker as they help you execute forex deals, and their assistance is of utmost importance, especially when you are just starting in the forex market. Here are some excellent reasons why you should work with forex brokers.

1. A Forex Broker Offers You Access To Numerous Trading Platforms:

One significant benefit of working with a forex broker is accessing legit, reliable and efficient trading platforms. Often traders waste a considerable amount of time and money by choosing the wrong trading platform. In simple terms, a trading platform offers users access to the forex market and is often accompanied by several trading tools, which makes it more competitive than other options.

So now you know that you need a person who can connect you with the forex market: a forex broker. The right forex broker will provide you with a trading platform best suited for your trading needs and offer the trading experience you expect. Furthermore, the forex broker is also responsible for connecting the clients to the trading platform.


2. A Forex Broker Allows You To Use Leverage:

The best thing about working with forex brokers is that they help traders get leverage for trading which is an excellent opportunity to expand their profits. Leverage is a great way to open significant positions in the market, even if you have low capital. If the market works in your favor, leverage has the potential to double your profits even; however, if the market goes against your favor, you could end up losing all your money in the process.

3. A Forex Broker Offers Various Trading Tricks And Tips:

You can find various genuine forex broker reviews in the market who offer many effective educational tools and resources to help laymen gain the relevant trading knowledge and skills to be successful forex traders. Their tips can greatly help novice traders with no experience in the forex industry. Here are some important ways a forex broker can help you:

  • They offer demo accounts to offer a simulated environment for beginners so that they can have an understanding of the forex market.
  • Brokers also post informative blogs on their websites which greatly help novice traders to improve their trading skills.
  • Some forex brokers also offer forex tutorials. They can be free of cost or paid; if you go with the paid one, ensure you clearly understand who the broker will teach you and whether it matches your learning needs.

4. A Forex Broker Charges Low Fees:

Forex brokers take a minimal amount of your transaction, which is relatively much less than other industries such as Fintech and gambling. Here are the two ways explained how the forex brokers make money:

  • Spread: Spread is the difference between the market price of the currency and the price a trader pays. Most brokers make a profit based on the spread.
  • Percentage: Forex brokers can also make a living by taking a small percentage per trade. One important thing is that forex broker fees can vary from one broker to another. Therefore, you need to check how much you would be paying to avail of the services of a particular broker compared to others in the market.

5. Forex Brokers Are Often Regulated:

Most reliable forex brokers that you see today are regulated by various regulators that work to maintain transparency in the financial markets. The regulated forex brokers are compelled to follow a set of guidelines and rules which these regulators offer. The reason for the existence of such regulators is to protect traders while also promoting a healthy relationship between investors and brokers. Traders need to work with a broker regulated by their country’s regulatory body rather than with one regulated overseas. While choosing a regulated broker is not necessary, selecting non-regulated brokers is risky because laws and regulations do not bind them.


Working with forex brokers has both advantages and disadvantages, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. For a new investor looking to start his career in the forex market, forex brokers have so much to offer in terms of knowledge and expertise that they cannot learn independently.



Best ECN Brokers

How To Find the Best ECN Forex Broker According to Your Needs

Many traders across the globe highly favor the forex market. Generally, the traders need forex brokers for efficient trading. Hence, they can ideally select from ECN forex brokers and Market makers. However, let’s talk about the popularity of the two available brokers. The ECN forex brokers remain in a strong position and are typically the first choice of many traders across the globe. Therefore, many people prefer to trade with ECN forex broker than the other ones.

Many aspects denote the efficiency of ECN forex brokers. However, before finalizing an ECN forex broker, the traders must look at spreadex review and ratings by experts. Below are some points that help you decide the best ECN forex broker that fits your trading needs. These are as follows:

1. Payment And Withdrawal System

The traders who trade with ECN forex brokers are more likely to invest a significant capital share in the market. The ECN traders generally look for ways to ease their payment and withdrawal during the profit realization. Hence, it is suggested to consider the several options a broker offers to its clients. 

                                                                                  Video Source: forex trading for beginners

2. Credibility

Credibility is the highest point of concern when selecting an ECN forex broker. Typically, the traders invest heavy money in the forex market and trust their broker. Hence, the traders must choose a broker with a great credibility track record. Moreover, the ECN traders are also professional; therefore, they prefer to trade with reliable and credible ECN forex brokers. For this purpose, the traders can check the license of an ECN forex broker. 

3. Customer Support

Before finalizing an ECN forex broker, the traders should ideally check the local support a broker offers its clients. Besides, it is primarily related to forex trading experience. It is recommended that the forex traders must select the ECN forex broker who accounts for 24*7 client support. With this, the traders will get a better and more extensive trading experience. The profitability will also enhance significantly. The plus500 review platform supports users in many languages and allows traders to get instant assistance.

4. Discounts And Bonuses

When selecting an ECN forex broker, it is suggested that the traders must consider discounts and bonuses provided by the ECN forex broker. The bonuses help the traders save money, and the overall profits will be significantly enhanced. Once the traders receive better rewards, they tend to earn profits and diversify their investment portfolio. Therefore, checking the discounts and bonuses when selecting an ECN forex broker is a great idea. 

ecn broker

5. Lower Spreads

The ECN forex brokers are well-known for offering low spreads to their traders. Besides, the low spreads also account for fewer trading costs. Hence, the overall transaction cost reduces significantly when a trader prefers to trade with an ECN forex broker. Thus, when selecting an ECN forex broker for your needs, the traders must consider the spreads the broker is offering. Some traders claim to offer better spreads but fail to do so. Therefore, a careful selection must be made. 

6. Regulations

The ECN forex brokers are well-regulated by different regulatory authorities. Hence, the traders must check the license and other regulatory documents that make a broker established and well-regulated. Crypto Rocket offers several trading guides on numerous topics. As investing and trading requires extensive money, the traders should not risk it and check the crypto rocket review and other codes of conduct ideally before making any decision. 

The Bottom Line

Therefore, in a nutshell, it is fitting to mention that the traders must consider the broker selection significant as they can make or break the deal. Additionally, ECN forex broker selection plays a vital role in the overall trading experience. Hence, it is suggested to make a wise move and select the forex broker that best matches the trading needs and demands. The right decision will allow the traders to diversify their portfolios and substantially increase profits. 


crypto broker

How To Choose A Crypto Brokers Wisely

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a significant digital currency. It is regarded as a major medium of exchange in the digital world. The primary feature of cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central authority and solely managed by a computerized system. Since 2017, cryptocurrencies have been widely used by different nations. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and enjoys massive popularity among crypto traders till today. Presently, the crypto brokers market is flooded with more than 5000 types of cryptocurrencies. 

Globally, many people are interested in cryptocurrency. As a result, the demand for crypto brokers have skyrocketed in recent years. The crypto world constitutes several brokers. Hence, crypto scams are also not uncommon. Hence, it is significant to safeguard oneself from the scams by finding an ideal crypto broker to gain more lucrative deals. Therefore, it is imperative to select the crypto broker after reading the kraken review and compare to choose the right one.. 

How To Choose A Crypto Broker?

Selecting a perfect crypto broker is essential for efficient crypto trading. A wise selection of a crypto broker paves the way for profitable returns. Here are some ways crypto traders can find the most suitable crypto brokers that genuinely fulfill their crypto needs. These are as follows: 

  • Robust financial backdrop: An excellent crypto broker has an extensive capital base. No trader likes a broker with the same capital base as their investment. The brokers with a large capital base are an assurance that they will not go bankrupt soon. Consequently, the traders can trade effectively without much danger of bankruptcy.
  • Excellent trading platform: The crypto traders also demand that the broker’s platform must be easy to use and accessible. The broker who offers excellent features enjoys more traders. Besides, the traders also find such platforms more convenient. An ideal trading platform generally accounts for methods to execute technical analysis, current crypto news and articles, and online currency converter. The traders highly prefer the bityard platform that significantly responds to the excess volatile crypto markets. Learn more features, trading accounts, fess by reading bityard review and ratings.
  • Authenticity and credibility: The crypto market is relatively new compared to the other markets. However, it does not signify that all brokers are inexperienced or are not credible. The crypto traders can find some excellent, authentic, and credible crypto brokers with the required documents like licenses from well-recognised regulatory bodies. Besides the license, the traders also have experts and professionals on board, making the services more beneficial. Hence, it is significant to look for reliable brokers who are registered.
  • Customer support: Crypto trading is generally done 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, the traders can have an issue at any moment. Hence, one should look for an ideal broker that can offer ideal customer support services. Thus, the problems will get solved quickly, and the traders can trade more effectively.
  • Charges: Charges and commissions must be optimally checked by the traders for effective crypto trading. The traders must thoroughly read the commission and fees policies of the several brokers before investing in any one of them. Besides, the risk should also be analyzed so that you can make better and more informed trading decisions.
  • Demo trading: Demo trading is an essential aspect of crypto trading. The crypto market is relatively new. Therefore, many traders are not used to the correct crypto trading method. Accordingly, it is suggested that the traders select the brokers who offer demo trading accounts. The account provides a better understanding of the market, and the traders lay hands on better and more lucrative deals.
  • Sign up method: Before trading in the crypto market, the traders must sign up with a broker. Signing up is an essential and foremost aspect of trading in the crypto world. Pionex platform offers a simple sign up process; while on the other hand, some account for multiple formalities. The traders must select the brokers who provide a simple method as it will speed up the process. You can also check pionex review by traders and compare brokers who provide simple methods for sign up accounts.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, one can say that crypto traders must consider several aspects before selecting a crypto broker. The selection of a quality broker is imperative as it facilitates the crypto trading process. While on the other hand, when the traders choose an unsuitable broker, the entire trading can turn upside down, and the traders might receive a negative crypto trading experience.